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Search Engine Optimization

You are surely familiar with search engine optimization, sometimes known as "SEO," and why it is crucial for you and your company. The problem is that the waters surrounding internet marketing aren't as clear as they used to be. We can guide you through these perilous waters, get you rolling, and help you start utilizing Google.

Web Accessibility

Due to the ever-increasing demand to stay connected and the difficulties those with disabilities encounter in doing so, web accessibility has become a significant component of the development process. Sercas wants to make sure that all users, regardless of handicap, can easily access your website and become new customers!

Web Development

A well-developed website is the foundation of the digital marketing landscape. We design user-friendly, mobile-first web solutions that always work for everyone. Since we started out as web developers and genuinely enjoy bringing people online and into a new world of possibilities, web development is very near and dear to us.


The dramatic impact of design on user experience is becoming more apparent as more platforms shift to digital representation. We incorporate design into everything we do because user-driven, flexible design is how the web will progress for both businesses and creatives, and we plan to be here the whole time!

The Alley brings milk tea online

A global, Toronto-based tea shop chain, The Alley prides itself on the hand-picked, all-natural ingredients in its products. From freshly prepared tapioca to homemade sugar cane syrup, The Alley is a place for true tea lovers. With six locations throughout Canada and increasing expansion around the United States, The Alley is a growing presence in the tea industry, with its brand being synonymous with quality.

Keyfactor and PrimeKey, a disruptive partnership

With decades of cybersecurity experience, Keyfactor is counted on by over 500 enterprises across the globe. Founded by Ted Shorter in 2001, this PKI services provider turned software platform delivers the only solution that fuses expert-run PKI as-a-service and certificate lifecycle automation into a single, cloud-delivered solution. “We believe that with the proper cryptography, you can communicate and collaborate without limits,” says Chief PKI Officer Tomas Gustavsson.

Allergy-free and accessible with Partake Foods

Launched in 2016 by Founder and CEO Denise Woodard, after her daughter was diagnosed with numerous food allergies, Partake exists to provide a choice of tasty, allergy-friendly foods that those with and without food limitations can enjoy and share with confidence. This year they are not only championing food inclusivity but digital inclusivity as well. Partake’s leadership summarizes it best, “At Partake, we believe that everyone deserves to feel included and have the freedom to partake in all things sweet.”

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Digital marketing is an ever-changing and evolving landscape that is constantly seeing new ideas, practices and regulations. We’ve curated a selection of relevant blogs and articles on topics that we feel are important to our industry.

How the Metaverse will Change Marketing Strategies Forever

We see it all around us, people immersed in their beautifully-built, virtual worlds—spending less and less time in their ordinary life.

The Benefits and Necessity of Having an Accessible Website

By ensuring that your company’s website is accessible to everyone, you are also demonstrating your commitment to fairness and equality.

Optimizing for Organic Growth and Longevity in Your Business

When it comes to expanding your reach, building credibility, and gaining a competitive edge, SEO is a game-changer for everyone.

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